Sunday, March 10, 2013


Can you move your arm if you only have one shoulder blade? Why would God make someone with one shoulder blade? Why do people say God forgets your past but they don't forget your past? Is there a Food City in Charlotte cause when I'm 15 I wanna put the groceries in a bag? Does everyone know how to get to our new house? Why do people think it's ok to just forget about you? Why do dragons just pick people up and eat them without even seeing if they are nice first? If its freezing ice outside and I take a bath will I be freezing too? Did you ever see my birthday mom? Why don't I see her now? Why did the judge decide that? What if she changes her mind? What if I want her to change her mind? Why do parents just leave me? Why can't parents just act like I'm their kid? If you die will I live with Jo'd or Stephen? If I live with Jo'd can I still go to my dads during the day? Do you know the way to get to Charlotte from the new house? What if you get lost? Do all phones know how to find you? What if your phone is broke? What if you forget where we live? Will my school have a buffet too? What if I hate their food? Can I just eat what I want to? Do I get snack still? How come the new kitten hates you? Why did Isaiah give his rat away? Doesn't he even care that his rat loved him? Why don't people care when you love them? Why do babies not want to eat from bottles sometimes? Is it ok my friends boyfriend hurt her because he was mad about their baby? Why do boys get mad about babies? Do babies know if their dads are mad about them? What if princesses were real? What if dragons came to Kingsport and ate people? How do you know dragons aren't real, they are on netflix. Why doesn't Snow Whites stepmom love her? Will the bad guys ever get in trouble? Do people ever just kill dragons? What is the full moon called? What is the half moon called? What is the other kind of moon called? Why does the same moon have different names? If we don't have a alarm clock how will we know it's daytime? What if we don't wake up? Will the stove be here tomorrow so we can make breakfast? 

One day...and this isn't all. I am grateful that she is thinking, that she is processing things, that she is beginning to understand the world around her enough to question it, instead of being wrapped up in a self absorbed sickness, but holy canoli, I am mentally exhausted! 

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