Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Adopting Kids with Mental Illness

Some things I wish I knew or understood as a foster and adoptive parent...please feel free to share.

Don't adopt outside of your understanding.

If you have a child, do NOT adopt a child older than that child.

Educate yourself.

Don't trust the professionals as the final word, investigate!

Always work out post adoption support services (subsidy, insurance, coverage for non insurance covered issues). Do NOT agree to adopt without this.

Look at the child exactly as they are right now. Is this enough? If not, please don't adopt. Change is great but hoping for change in chronic mental illness is beyond what most can handle.

Connect. Connect. Connect. You NEED other foster and adoptive parents.

Have fun! This world is painful. Find something that makes it easier and cling to it.

Understand that you did NOT create your child or their issues. You are just trying to help them overcome.

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