Saturday, June 02, 2018

A Letter to My Adopted Daughters

To my Adopted Daughters,

My wish for you is peace and the ability to understand what love is.

I pray for the day when your smile is genuine and your eyes dance.

I long for the moment you can let go long enough to simply be.

I ache for your freedom.

You have come so far already, many children who experienced what you did died, but not you.

You fought starvation, neglect, abuse.

You survived and for that I am so very grateful, but baby girl, you don't have to survive anymore, it is time to live.

Lay down your weapons sweetheart, you won the war the day I said I will.

You can rest in the knowledge that you have a Mama who loves you as is.

I hope someday you can accept that, even if you never comprehend the significance or how much it cost.

I love you.

I hope to someday see you,

minus all the defenses,

free of all the blockades that keep me so very far from where I want to be.

Until then...

I'll be waiting...


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