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Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Covid 19 Rollercoaster, I’d Like to Get Off Please

 As some know, I have been sick for 12 days now. Based on other information, I knew, but got the confirmation today that I have Covid 19. 

It really isn’t what I pictured it being at all. I was thinking it was more like pneumonia or a bad cold, but it isn’t. Honestly, I have asthma and my lungs have felt much worse. For me, it’s my whole dang body feels horrible. The level of sheer exhaustion and body/joint pain is nothing I’ve experienced. 

I’ve been keeping a log. 

July 17-Super tired and aggravated, didn’t feel quite right. I had drank the night before and assumed it was a hangover. 

July 18-Fever, chills, layers of blankets and sweats and can’t get warm. Severe headache, sore all over. Very tearful and foggy headed. 

July 19-24 Fever, heachache, sneezing, dry cough, joints very painful, foggy mind, very exhausted. I’m missing whole days. Still freezing and shaky.  Everything tastes weird. 

June 22 - I was unable to continue working. My job had me take the next week off to rest and get better. I’m off till the 31st. Thank god I qualify for the legislation passed and have 2 weeks paid time off if I need it (right now it’s just the 1 week scheduled).

July 25-26 -No noticeable fever, serious headache and brain fog, I’m missing simple information. Dry coughing more, sinuses hurt, nauseous and other stomach issues. So so tired. Really have no sense of taste at this point. 

July 27 I’ve slept most of the day. Zero energy. Depressed. I miss my kids and grandson and am heartbroken at the first summer in 16 years my sisters kids have not been here for Auntie Jess Adventures. Still have a slight cough, sinus congestion, severe headache, and stomach issues. It’s like my whole body feels on fire. 

July 28- Positive Covid19 test. 

Seriously horrible headache and body ache. Simple tasks exhaust me. I’ve slept most of the day. My stomach is horrible. My eyes burn, like constant I’ve been cutting onions type burn. 

I’m drinking lots of water, tea, and My Rachel has made me juice. I am drinking some soda, I know it’s bad but it is the only thing that tastes semi normal and the fizziness clears my throat. Also taking emergen-c, vitamin D and Zinc and melatonin.

July 28-August 1, feeling a little better. Some on and off fever and headache. 

August 2, I can taste again!!!! I celebrated with a Philly cheesesteak egg roll from Sullivan’s and Reigning Doughnuts 

August 3-7, feeling ok but still very low energy.

August 8, finally released from Quarantine!!! Feeling much better today.

August 8-20, slight cough, very tired most of the time. I’m still foggy headed at times and so incredibly shaky. I can’t put on mascara without doing it repeatedly and fixing multiple mistakes. I keep having random dizzy spells where I feel like my heart is racing, get very dizzy and then nauseated. 

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