Davy Crockett High School Football Players Disgusting Behavior

 My Tri Cities Friends, please read and repost or research and post your own. Just use your voice to magnify those of students who experienced the trauma of having their friend’s death mocked over a football game. What happened at the THS/Crockett game this week was repulsive. It had zero to do with sports and everything to do with disgusting human behavior that should NEVER be tolerated. 

My nephew plays on the varsity football team for THS, but what I need you to know, and understand is that this has NOTHING to do with football, or winning and losing. This has to do with humanity or the lack there of. 

The behavior of the players, coaches, and Davy Crockett student section at the game against THS was nothing short of disgusting. 

* As most know Micah Montgomery, THS football player, tragically lost his life this week. Because of that, it was an emotional game in the first place. The bottom line is that a student’s tragic death should never be used as tactic to distract players or a ploy to win a game. If you need to taunt other players about the loss of their friend, you probably aren’t a very good player anyway. 

*There were multiple players making fun of Micah Montgomery passing away, going as far as to say he deserved it. One student even stated this to the child’s father. 

*Coaches did nothing to stop the behavior, even when they were physically fighting THS players. There are MULTIPLE reports the coaches were actually encouraging the behavior. They should be fired! 

* Many players and parents felt as though Crockett used Micah’s death for publicity, not caring about how it impacted everyone.

The staff and parents of students at David Crocket High School should be ashamed of what they allowed their players to do. It's honestly disgusting!!!!! As a school organization they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such behavior.


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