Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I've learned lately...

For those who have read awhile, ya know I used to do the "What I learned today" blog, well, the time has come, or rather I have come to a place to pick it up....Starting slow...be patient as I get back in the habit...here goes...

I've learned lately....

Things are rarely as they seem

Fresh peanut butter, sucks, even if you mix it with chocolate and give it a fancy name and charge $6 a container....

Pigs like dog biscuits (thanks Kristie)

It takes one month and 18 days for your body to decide a piece of plastic string is not in fact supposed to be there.

There is nothing more disgusting than pulling string out of your own belly button, but it was less scary than letting the little mexican nurse have at it again.

When the bottom element in your stove explodes, it sounds like the house has exploded, but makes very pretty green and purple colors.

A starving dog can gain 20 lbs in less than two weeks.

When you cut ugliness out of your life, it will seek many a way to get back in.

Sushi Blues has lost its sushi worthy standing...

If you say to yourself "this taste weird" it's best not to taste test again...

Olive oil and course brown sugar make the best exfoliating rub, and leave your skin feeling like heaven.

If a white child, washes their hair with shampoo for a black child, it takes 4 days to get out.

I need to put up Michaela's bath stuff.

The most children born to one woman was 69, she was a peasant who lived a 40 year life, in which she had 16 twins, 7 triplets, and 4 quadruplets

And finally....

there is no quicker way to get an 11 yr old's attention, than to remove the dvd cords from their tv

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