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Well if You Would Just Pray a Little Harder

One of the things I don't quite think people of faith consider is the alternative to their statements. For example, I prayed and God healed me, or by faith our home was saved when the neighborhood burned down. Are those who are sick not praying hard enough? If their home burned, did God not hear them?  Do they not have faith? Is my sister dead because the morning Sarah called me and said, Andreana is unconscious, please pray, EMS is on the way, I or my family, didn't pray hard enough? No. No none of that is true. Bad things happen because they do. Good things happen because they do. Sometimes you get the good, sometimes the bad, but never ever because of how much faith or effort you put into it. Literally never. 

Theodicy by Jude Morrissey

Theodicy There are several human responses to suffering – whether the swift calamity of a tornado or the steady crush of generational poverty – but there is only one truly Christian response. The problem is that we tend to get confused about which responses are human and which is Christian, because we ask the wrong question. The wrong question is: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” We tend to restate it into “Christianese” as: “Why does God allow bad things to happen to me?” or “Why did God spare me and allow this other to suffer?” One human response to this question is to suppose that there is no God or that God is helpless or uncaring – that the world is driven by mere chance, and there is nothing to be done to prevent bad things or secure good things for ourselves and others. It doesn’t matter what we do, so we might as well focus on being as happy as we can while we wait for random events to impact our lives. This is the type of response Jesus warns against in Luke

Just Be Decent

As a mom, one of the worst feelings in the world is standing in a checkout line while rushing quickly through your bags trying to figure out what necessary things you just tried to buy to for your family that you don't need. Can they go without milk this week?   Keep the potatoes I can use them for lots of things.   Veggies are important but expensive, put those back.   And on and on.   All of that made terribly worse by those standing around you annoyed that their day is delayed because you don't have enough money in your account. Guilty. Humiliated. Scared.   Embarrassed.   Frustrated. Overwhelmed. As a mom who has been there, I would like to ask you to please watch for these people. If you see it happen, if you can, buy the groceries. Smile. Walk away.   Don't stand around waiting for praise. Don't get on Facebook and celebrate your generosity. Just buy the groceries. Just be a decent and kind human being for the sake of being decent and kind.   You see


I wrote this a couple years ago on my dad's birthday. If you read anything I write at all, you know my struggles with this... I wish that my dad could have stayed, that he could have found healing, that he could meet My Stephen, the man who continues to fill in all the holes he left. So many memories twisted up in wanting and needing.   So much sadness and aching for healing.   One moment at a time. Memories of me dancing in the kitchen to "Killing Time" or the smell of train tracks as we headed to go swim. Frogs in my bed and sliding down gravel piles to eating at Wendy's one last time before I said goodbye.   Tonight I realize more than most that he loved me. He loved me how he could.   Happy Birthday Stubby Freeman. You are and were loved. March 25, 1952-Oct 3, 1990