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I'll See Your Tired and Raise You Another Murdered Black Person

I was briefly involved in an online discussion today where someone was complaining about all the posts and uproar over the latest hate fueled tragedy, this one in Charlottesville, VA. All I wanted to do was circle the word LATEST and hand it back to them. Do people not understand that this is not just a bunch of people running around and randomly protesting? We, as I have become one of "those people," are simply responding to ANOTHER insult to humanity perpetrated by the hateful and ignorant. You may be tired of hearing about it, but what about those who are experiencing it? Don't you think they are tired? Jesus I'm tired and I am not black, or LGBTQIA, or Muslim...short of being male and rich I could not be anymore privileged. I don't have to be wounded day after day by the unkind because of my faith, gender, sexuality, religion, or race. Yes, as someone felt the need to point out, I am white. I am also a human and I refuse to let my lack of

Honesty About the Bad Days

As many of you may know I make a Grateful List each day and share it on Facebook . It is my way to identify the good in my world and cling to it when things get rough. For the most part I share my successes and positive moments and I suppose that is good. But I think it is equally important to discuss those hard days.  I just feel like if I can talk about my successes, and my life when things are well, then I need to be just as honest when I fail. I never ever want to pretend to be anything less than a human. Everybody fails. Maybe not in the same way, but we  all do.  If we would only be more honest about those failures, I think a lot of people would not feel so alone in their struggles. Thats also where non Christians get their ammo to support their arguement against God because His people are hypocrits. They see us fail. If we would only say, yes I failed, and yes He is faithful to forgive, then they might just change their minds.