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Common Sense Gun Laws NOW!!!!

With the latest school shooting, I have sat sickened as I have heard people say that it is a people problem, not a gun problem. Just a side note, my mainly vegetarian self is from a family of hunters. I have NO issue with hunting. I don't do it, but I respect those who do. I love my family dearly. I know that they hunt, and while I don't, I appreciate the love they have for it. What I have yet to see is any of my gun owning, hunting friends or family use automatic weapons to hunt. Automatic weapons are absolutely unnecessary for the general public. Admittedly in my own perfect world, where guns have repeatedly been used to threaten me, I would prefer they did not exist at all. I also understand there are some guns that serve a positive purpose for some people. When the highest and seemingly most important of all constitutional amendments was written (or at least that is how it feels), guns with the capability that we have today did not exist. They were not even dreamed