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Whispers from the Valley Part 1

My dreams have gone from poetry to paragraphs, and I figure I'll start writing them down. Decided to call them Whispers From the Valley, as for the most part it's going to be based in Jesus Following, and all that and I NEED for you to know that I am not yelling from a mountain top when I am talking about who it is we, you AND I should be. I am whispering from the valley. Together, we can keep walking forward... "God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede." — Oswald Chambers Being human means interacting with other humans. Being an imperfection means sharing that imperfection. Watching someone fail has become entertainment for most. Our tv and radio is full of examples of the latest imperfect human. You only have to scroll down a moment on facebook or news stories to see, or hear it, in some way or another. Photographers vie for photos of love child "Oh my gosh did you see what __________ did saturday?&