Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rise Up

I attended a fundraiser event last night for the Sexual Assault Center at Shakti in The Mountains. It was beautiful. There were many people there, a story I will tell on another day... but I kept thinking, one in three women are assaulted in their lifetime, and simultaneously thinking of the population of Johnson City, and then...where are the people?
As a Christian, it breaks my heart to see a very obvious absence. There is such a beautiful and powerful ministry opportunity here...where are you my Christian friends? I know it matters because the community group and church families I have had in the past have wrapped me up tight in love and understanding. It saved my life. It could save someone elses.
I have watched as hundreds of my Christian friends show up to feed the hungry, to give clothing or other things to families in crisis. I have seen facebook post after facebook post raising awareness of God's care and concern over unborn babies and marriage. And yet...a woman is raped or abused, and where are you? When she needs to know more than ever that God is able to heal and restore, that He cares for her, where are you my Christian friend?
I'm here.
I can't do it alone.
I am challenging each of you to rise up. To donate your time or money or even a facebook post, to show them, to show me, that they matter.

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