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The Bravest Woman

To the Bravest Woman I Have Ever Met, I met you today as you entered the ER at CMC. I sat horrified as staff simply wrapped a sheet around you and left you in the lobby and so I came over to you. You may not remember me, but I will NEVER forget you.  I am so grateful that you allowed me to sit with you. I stood amazed at your bravery and strength as with broken bones you helped nurses and myself remove the rest of your clothes and get you into bed. I didn't know what to say but having laid in my own hospital bed with broken bones from swinging arms, I know there is nothing that can be said in those moments, except I am here.  I am here and you are loved. You are beautiful and so very strong. Despite the brutality you endured, you survived. Through broken bones and blood you defied his very existence by breathing!  I am in awe of you tonight.  Please know you do not deserve what has happened to you. There is nothing that you could ever do to that would deserve the brutality you expe