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Sexual Sin...Now that you have finally showed up...I have something to say

The post below was written in 2015, but with the Coalition of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood  " Nashville Statement " on biblical sexuality that was released today, my heart screamed it needed to be shared again.  In 2015 my news feed and inbox were flooded with comments and messages from my Christian friends and acquaintances over the Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage . I must say that in all my years of being their friend, I had never heard sexual sin more talked, worried, prayed, and stressed about. Most seemed certain that because of the SCOUS approval of what they deemed sexual sin; the United States, and many who I love and care for, are doomed. Their lament and public admonishment of this sexual sin has continued to be passionate, loud, and nothing short of zealous.  While despite the fact that I do not agree that those within the LGBTQIA community are in the wrong, I suppose, that on some level, I can appreciate the excitement about exposi