Monday, March 22, 2010

What I learned today March 21, 2010

I suck at using crutches.

I am most likely gonna break my other foot by trying to use them.

Ya'll know I'm accident queen.

You will get the most out of a service at Church that was the most difficult to get to, seriously ladies and gentlefish, we showed up at Northridge Community Church this morning with kids dressed all crazy, my strugglin on crutches, and late, but we made it, and the service was awesome, oh and I got to sit by my sweetheart friend Faith!

I am back on a no meat kick, I did not notice this until I ordered a steak tips dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

My kids love steak tips!

The balloon guy won't make Ariel because he has to make boobs.

My neice Amelia is the most beautiful little baby girl I have ever seen!

She is a slow poke eater like Abby.

I can talk If you are Jacana... out of most rages with being more nonsensical than her.

Crutches on a slippery floor, equal a busted hiney.

I need help asking for help.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Can you distract me from my plastic fantasy?

I didn't think so, but hey, thanks for trying.

Choosing pain. Choosing technical failure. By all standards, with my daughters, when compared to normal children their age, I have failed.

A ten year old, in second grade, who is refusing to work. A ten year old, who the professionals have given up on.

An eleven year old, in fifth grade, who rages and hallucinates, who does her work when she feels like it, and pees on things when she is angry.

They are not typical smily faced kiddos. Hell, they aren't even "having a real bad day" kiddos. But they are mine, and I love them.

I love them, pee covered, raging, cookie hoarding and all.

People who do not know us, see right now. They don't know that while Olivia is refusing to spell, only a short time ago, she did not speak.

They see Jaylin raging for six hours, and they don't know about the 12 hour rage days.

They see Olivia refuse to acknowledge them, they don't know about how when Olivia came, she pretended none of us existed.

They see Jaylin not do her homework and they think I'm a bad mommy. They don't know that I spend hours just trying to get her thru the day. And yes, homework is at the bottom of my is superceeded by living, breathing, laughing....

It is not pretty. Is not techinal success, but it our success...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What I learned today 03/02/2010

If you boil a dark liquid for an hour on your stove, and do not possess a stove hood, your will have a BROWN steam filled kitchen, which will cover your walls, dishes, floors, appliances, and cute little decorations.

Palmolive will clean said brown sludge up easily, but it takes about two hours to fix one hours damage.

Guinea pigs will fight over tomatoes.

No matter how many times I put Abby to bed, or what time it is, she will keep getting up.

Homeschooling programs are ridiculously expensive.

Turkey burgers made right are just as good as regular burgers and better for you!

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