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What I learned in 2010

This year has been beyond words, or rather full of so much that it will take a book to explain it, and honestly I'm working on it. My, this journey, painful but beautiful beyond anything I was ever brave enough to dream. Rather than lay it out, I thought it would be cool to do a "What I've learned this year" instead. I have gone thru my 2010 "What I've learned today" posts from, picked some of my favorites, and added in a few here and there. They are in no particular order. I'm too overwhelmed (in a good way) to organize right now. Save it for a rainy night. Before that, I have to say thank you. I should NOT have made it thru this year. I would not be here without some of you, and the God above who sent you to me. Thank you for every kind word (and even the get off your hiney ones), for every reminder of who I could be, for calling me out when I was slipping, for every hug, sermon preached, dinner cooked

There was a child went forth

There was a child went forth every day; And the first object she look'd upon, that object she became; And that object became part of her for the day, or a certain part of the day, or for many years, or stretching many years The smell of pancakes, that spelled her name, freeze dried milk, and sunshine Fall leaves piled high, siblings running rampant, and soft fall breezes Discarded school books and stacks of paper, pens and pencils, and broken crayons, they became part of her. Sadness and alone, swinging arms and uncertainty, became part of her. Coldness and oatmeal and oatmeal and oatmeal. Missing mama and home and normal Tall oak trees with branches big enough to hide her, formed her early life Suicide and murder, abuse and neglect life's very ugliest, tried hard to come inside to form who it is she was but there was too much goodness, and they, they did not become part of her Fast thrown balls, high school jerseys, friends in abundance Recipes and cooking,