Sunday, September 18, 2022

You are That Person

 Take a moment and think about that person. The one who you cringe when you hear their name. The one who, in one way or another, betrayed, hurt, or broke you. The one who you at one time loved or cared for deeply. The one who no matter what, you could not ever allow back in your life.

Now, guess what? You are that to someone else. 

A very hard learned lesson for me over the last year, as I have learned to value and protect me, as I have put down solid boundaries, and let go. 

It isn’t about restoration,  forgiveness, or healing. It just isn’t.

If your heartfelt apology, or more, wasn’t enough, it won’t be, and that’s ok. 

They need you as far away as you need those who have hurt you.

For me, it’s been accepting siblings and people I cared for deeply were lost to me. Not because anyone is bad or unforgiving or hateful, but because I have done things that they have decided are too much, in the exact same way I have decided about others.

And, it’s honestly the best. In distance and boundaries healing can finally happen. Not of relationships but of the wounds left by those relationships. 

Stop trying to repair things or go back to places that no longer hold a safe space for you. Move forward into the beauty that is your tomorrow’s.

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