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Will trade love for chicken legs

This summer I became the mother of a beautiful 16 yr old harlequin Macaw, Harley. Within a week, my arms looked like I'd had a cutting relapse, and I had a baseball sized bruise with a hole in the center, courtesy of my new feathered friend. Hmmm... Tenacious as I am, I don't like being around anything that makes me flinch when it moves. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess, because rather than return demon bird, I decided to keep trying. I went another route this time though. Instead of expecting Harley to understand that I am a good mama, I showed him I was. I took my time. Ahhhhh it was a chicken leg that changed things. Disgusting I know! Demon possessed cannibal bird loves nothing more than crunching up a chicken leg. Ewww.... He did not like me, preferred to bite me than be near me, but ohhhhhh mama had chicken, so he came a little closer. Over the next few weeks I came to him over and over again with treats, pistachios, peanuts, strawberries,