Friday, December 11, 2009

beautifully chaotic: What I learned today...12/10/2009

beautifully chaotic: What I learned today...12/10/2009: "Sleeping babies feel fantastic cuddled up next to you!
I should go see my new nephew more.
39 hours of no sleep, plus Jaylin getting up every two hours when I did lay down, makes for a very exhausted morning.
I am no good at meetings on no sleep.
I have neglected the socks in the house.
You can fill a washer with socks.
Olive oil and brown sugar, instead of soap, makes dry skin feel amazing, and you smell like cake!
Sleep deprivation elevates my normal depression issues.
While Mia will rip the new dogs throat over a stuffed frog, She still cowers from Alfie (the 10 lb cat)!
In the world of Mia and kitties, the kitties still get the food!!!!
You can learn a lot by 11 am."

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What I learned today...12/08/2009

Hmmmm not all things learned are good, but they will all work together for your good, even when you can't see it, because HE promised.

Our in home therapist has taken a new supervisory position and will no longer be handling Jaylin's case.

It's not hard to fall, when you float like a cannonball~Damien Rice, is still one of my favorite lyrics, especially on days like today.

Our case manager had herself removed from Jaylin's case because we share a similar meeting place.

Two supports knocked over in one day makes me want to scream.

The State of Tennessee has chosen to drop Jaylin's investigation into the abuse suffered at Laurel Heights.

Strike three, Mama's out, yep, I cried.

But my bathroom is immaculate, and tomorrow's dinner is baked, and almost all my laundry is done.

Yay stress cleaning.

Angry lasagna is not good. It does not even look good, baking it too fast, and on too high a temperature did not help.

I should not cook when angry.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

What I learned today...12/06/2009

Today I learned...

Snow melts fast, five foot snow men not so much!

My children continue to suffer from a fear of lids, or rather putting lids on.

And closed cabinets.

And something about clothes being in drawers really puts them in a panic.

My wonderful Northridge Community Church Family, specifically, Faith and Pricilla, are bringing us dinner tomorrow! I'm so grateful!!!!

I can never make enough potato pancakes, or regular pancakes for that matter, ahhh the cost of being a pancake extraordinaire!

A cat intent on laying on your hair, will hop right back up after being thrown down, no less than 23 times before YOU give up.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm not sure it's a blessing being considered my friend

a 75lb malamute, who is supposed to weigh 150. Fungus covered guinea pigs. Broken shell hermit crabs. Little kids with no mommies. Homeless, come on over. I am not so sure being my friend is a compliment. Lets see...on and out of foster care, struggling greatly with bulimia and cutting, a complete inability to fathom God's love, though I try to share it with others, and mood swings better than any roller coaster you've ever known. This is me. These are my friends. Broken, I Love It.

what I've learned today....

Beef stew is not a good substitute for my weight gaining meatballs for Vega.

Two stupid dogs will fight over their own dog vomit.

I can sleep thru most anything.

The quickest way to end your victorious battle in the pissing war, is to thank Jesus it has been nine days free of pee in your house.

Sick and Mom having a night out was just too much for Ms Jaylin...bring on the pee.

It is incredibly defeating to go so long and then wake up to that.

I enjoy purposefully misspelling words because I am so anal retentive about spelling.


Adding Gain fabric softener is fantastic in homemade laundry detergent.

My genius child has a C in math. She is soooo grounded!

I misssssss dancing.

This she says as she listens to Mario.

God can repair any relationship.

Microwaved doughnuts are the shiznat!

Raccoons are not scared of anything, hmmmm our tenacity must rub off on the wildlife.

Peace fockers!

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