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You Don't Know Him

You Don't Know Him Or not the Him that I know anyway Not the Him that broke me Not the Him who left forever bruises and always sadness You don't know Him. He is your friend, your cousin, your coworker, your forever You don't know  Him. Not the Him that laughed when I pleaded for Him to let me go, Or the Him that held a blank stare as he ripped my everything to shreds. You don't know Him , and really, if I'm honest, I didn't either. Not when I laid on the floor and looked up at Him and begged, "Please stop, it's me" Not when I kicked and screamed in protest. Not when I fell silent, exhausted, and broken. You don't know Him , All of them. The Hims of my everyday The Hims you know and I wish I didn't They, They pretended I didn't exist. They crushed me and pretended it was my fault. And then They moved forward, as if nothing happened. So you don't know Him , and my hope is that you never do.

Being Pro All Life

Being Pro All Life is lonely. It blows my mind how each group somehow thinks the other less, from death row inmates to unborn babies, for me, they all have value. Women's rights go all the way down to unborn women's rights to be born. Pro life extends all the way to welfare lines and inconvenience. It is not pretty but it is beautiful.