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My Fellow Humans

I'll admit in my fear and panic over the new administration I have been at times snarky. I may still be from time to time, but know that I am aware of said snarkiness. I've been thinking a great deal today and I finally have decided in the interest of personal health that I have to trust my fellow humans. So when, as a Rape Crisis Companion, I encounter a victim in need of the services already on Trump's chopping block, I am coming to you. When I encounter someone who despite working full time lacks life saving medical care because the ACA has been repealed, please be willing to contribute. When my children who are currently benefiting from special education programs are cut, I hope to see your face at the school filling in the gaps and making sure that despite their limitations they get an education. When my friends in the LGBTQIA+ community are discriminated against and hated, open your arms and be willing to be a place of rest. When my Stephen and other POC  encount