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An Invisible Red Thread

" An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break. " -Ancient Chinese Proverb Despite hilarious rumors about where and when my Stephen came from, there is a story behind it, a rather intriguing story which I cannot wait to tell our grandchildren... In the entirity of our lives, there have been countless occasions where Stephen and I have been in the very same place at the same time, yet we never connected. It is facinating for me to think of all the times I came so very close to the man who would someday hold my heart without ever even saying hello. So here is a list of sorts of the yesterday momements that brought us here... We both spent our childhood in Bristol, and both attended the BEEP classes due to our genius mental status :0) We partied around the same people thoughout middle and high school. We both attended ETSU at the same time. Our c

You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you

Aside from IP addresses, and blogger reporting statistics, your general reactions tell on you and your many visits to my blog. Why I could care less, and am in fact, in many ways amused, I'm particularly disgusted by liars, especially liars who lie to children or manipulate children in pursuit of their own selfish agenda, or defense of their pathetic pride. You should read the "I love the way" one. It addresses this issue specifically. From the outside, you see simply and only what I allow you to see. You can infer or guess or imagine all you'd like, but it does not make it reality. You are left with only brief glimpses into the life you will never be a part of. So, read on, soak it up, maybe you'll learn something. In the meantime, life goes on without you.

You can....

You can tell any story all about a broken home You can tell any story so long as it's not our own You can share any heartache let the tears flow like rain You can share any heartache so long as you don't say my name You can paint any picture colors spread so painfully You can paint any picture so long as they can't see me

Firemen and Mamas

Firemen fight fires. They show up, hose in hand, ready to save and protect. Sometimes, they put out the fire, the family cheering in the background, thanking them for their bravery. They are heroes. But sometimes, sometimes, they show up and the fire is out of control and they must stay back and watch it burn, knowing there are people inside. Knowing they have all the right tools if they could only get close enough. Knowing if they don't everyone inside will die. They are helpless. And even worse, sometimes they show up, their only mission to check the scene so the coroner can recover the bodies. They are tired, broken, nothing that they imagined when they began the journey to be a hero. No matter the task, success or failure,  they are still firemen. In parenting a child with mental illness, sometimes I come up with clever solutions to get us through the crisis. Sometimes I must sit back and watch my child suffer, waiting for the moment I can intervene and help

Dream Robbers

Dream Robbers. You know them, we have all met them from time to time in our lives. They are those lovely individuals who are so miserable with their own lives that they spend their time robbing the dreams of others. They do it with a look, a word, or a “you can’t do that”, “that’s too much to handle”, “you won’t recover from this”, or “just let go”. I think for them to accept that dreams are real, is to come to admit their own shortcomings and failures. If they are incapable, then we must be as well…. I believe in dreaming. I believe in reaching farther than you think you can. I think that we are all endowed with the gifts, or have the ability to locate what it is we need to accomplish the desires of our heart. Who am I to say that you should not dream your dream? Who are you to say I can’t have mine?