Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Weekend in Nashville and the Tennessee Justice Center

I was asked a few weeks ago to come tell our story at an event in Nashville by the Tennessee Justice CenterIt was incredible honor to me to be asked and so I prayed that God would help me find the words I needed to tell our story in a way that brings awareness and helps people to understand the importance of what the Tennessee Justice Center is doing. 

Within a few days I was able to find a way to put my story, Jaylin's story, and the hope the Tennessee Justice Center gave our family into something sharable.
Stephen and I traveled to Nashville early Friday morning. We were able to have lunch with Susanne Bennett at Jacks BBQ. It was the first time I got to meet this angel of a woman in person. She keeps saying she doesn't feel like a hero but what else do you call the woman who helped keep your family together?
I was so ridiculously nervous but had my Stephen by my side who has an extraordinary way of knowing and acting when I need it most. One of my favorite moments of the night happened when I was interviewed by News Channel 5 in Nashville. 

Most of you know I have weird panic in large groups of people so I was nervous anyway.

The news wanted to record me walking into the room and I started to panic with ok, walk into a standing room only room where? Without me actually saying that out loud, Stephen looked at me and said I'm going into the room, give me a second and walk in to me. How sweet was that????? That way I walked in to the room to the man who loves me, not a crowd of people! I love that he pays attention, he protects, he makes things less "big." I am so blessed.

My speech went off perfectly, not a dry eye in the room. After I spoke, I got called back up by the Tennessee Supreme court Chief Justice Gary Wade to hand out the Raising the Bar awards to the other Law firms and attorneys. He hugged me and said I was magnificent. Linda O'Neal, The executive director of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth who hugged me and said I needed to find a way for more people to hear our story. OVERWHELMING!!!! 

A very life changing moment occurred as I took the podium, which I shall write more about later. As I looked around, and out the windows at the beautiful Nashville skyline (we were on the 27th floor), this poem came to my mind.
Come to the edge, he said. We cant, we are afraid, they said. Come to the edge, he said. We can't, we will fall, they said. Come to the edge, he said.So they came, And He pushed them, And they flew.”― Guilliame Apollinaire French Poet
There have been several things over the past few years where God was pushing me but I was afraid to let go of what I thought should be, to grab onto His plan for me. Last night when I looked up, I thought, My God I'm flying!

The weekend was AMAZING and certainly the most fun and best time I have ever had on any trip ever! I am so grateful for the opportunity and for all of the wonderful things I got to share with my Stephen afterwards! I will leave you with a few photos! 

My best friend, Heidi Scott and I got a chance to hang out as well on this trip. She has been such a precious addition to my life since I was 11 years old. I love her dearly! She has been with me rain or shine! 

The Tennessee Justice Center gave me flowers and a bottle of wine! I love this man and am so grateful that God brought him into my life! He has been the answer to prayers I was never brave enough to pray.  
Suzanne Bennett and I. This woman was my angel! 
Jaylin and I
Stephen and I
Me with Susanne Bennett at the TJC Event. I adore this woman! She is amazing! When everyone else said no, she said yes. My daughter is home today because of her hard work and dedication! If you ever have time or money to spare, I am begging you to send you to send it to the Tennessee Justice Center! 

We ended our night being silly at the Wild Horse Saloon. Good times! 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Change the environment

You know the funniest thing happened when I rescued my dog Vega from his previous owner. The man presented himself as an animal lover who had done everything he could to love and care for his dog, but Vega just stayed so sick and kept losing weight. The owner was pretty certain Vega could never be anything more. I must admit when I first saw him I almost agreed. It was in the almost that healing began.  
Within one week of being in my care and being fed on a regular basis, Vega gained twenty pounds. After five months of love and care he went from a 72 lb lethargic bag of bones to a 150 lb healthy, loving, and beautiful family friend. The truth of the matter was that there was nothing wrong with Vega at all. In his previous home his most basic needs were neglected so his appearance and demeanor were poor, it was not reflective of him but of his neglectful owner. Once he was loved, fed, and cared for properly he grew to be one of my most favorite animals. 

Monday, June 03, 2013


Don't let ugly surroundings make your house ugly! ~ Me

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