Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What I learned today 03/02/2010

If you boil a dark liquid for an hour on your stove, and do not possess a stove hood, your will have a BROWN steam filled kitchen, which will cover your walls, dishes, floors, appliances, and cute little decorations.

Palmolive will clean said brown sludge up easily, but it takes about two hours to fix one hours damage.

Guinea pigs will fight over tomatoes.

No matter how many times I put Abby to bed, or what time it is, she will keep getting up.

Homeschooling programs are ridiculously expensive.

Turkey burgers made right are just as good as regular burgers and better for you!


  1. Dogs and cats will eat anything - tomatoes, pumpkin guts, okra... if you offer it to the other pet first.

    My kids on the other hand won't even taste things like tomatoes, okra or squash if someone else says it's yucky.

    My new fav is a turkey burger with a slice of cheese and 2 large grilled portobello mushroom caps instead of using buns. It's so juicy I have to drape a towel on my chest, but yummy and on my diet!

    Did you try Craigslist or e-bay for homeschooling programs? We used the ACE program which had 12 workbooks (called PACEs) for each subject per PACE book and that was on the main website (http://www.schooloftomorrow.com/Default.aspx) there were discount places too. What I liked best was the free assessments the child could take online, but the teachers at the private school preferred to give them on paper so if there was a gap they could just give my child the gap PACE and my child could do just the part they missed.

    Mary in TX

  2. I have been blessed with kiddos who will eat anything from spaghetti to suishi.

    I love turkey burgers too! They are awesome!

    Thanks so much for the homeschooling links. I will check them out for sure!!!


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