Friday, February 26, 2010

What I've learned today....

Hersheys chocolate has no milk or dairy products in it.

Neither do Marshmallows, how crazy is that?

When you are helping someoene else, you are not thinking about how sad you are.

Reaching out keeps you from collapsing in.

Beagles are needy little fockers.

Rufus gets oh so sad when the bus comes and the kids leave. He howls, and howls, and howls.

Brad's friend Pat, says he will never stop that.


He is so flippin loud. Shew, and once he gets upset, he is upset for a LONG time. There is no picking him up and calming him down! He needs doggie xanex.

The bread on Talia's page, is delicious.

Ozzy only believes in the Jesus with long hair and a beard.

Concrete thinker girl is totally distressed because someone told her about the holy ghost and the only ghosts in her world are bad.

But she gets upset about a million other things so I am not stressin.

If I cut my hair, she does not know me, a toddler in a 11 year old body. It is NOT NOT NOT Fun.

Now imagine bathing an 11 year old. And feeding her. And dressing her. It sucks.

My nephew Micah adores me. I can talk him down out of any situation.

Someone I care about has a child who is very sick. Please pray for them. I am not at liberty to share info with you right now.

If your child refuses to do her work, for long enough, they will try to send her to the retard class. Ok ok ok, I know that is not the pc description, but have I ever lived in a pc world? NO!

So I guess I am going to have to homeschool her. And I am terrified.

Pee and bleach will make you choke.

Oh cuz that's bleach and ammonia.

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  1. The thought of homeschooling terrifies me too! Are you sure you've thought through all of your options? That sounds like an expensive investment (time and money) for something that may not work!

    Mary in TX


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