Monday, May 30, 2011

Whispers from the Valley Part 1

My dreams have gone from poetry to paragraphs, and I figure I'll start writing them down. Decided to call them Whispers From the Valley, as for the most part it's going to be based in Jesus Following, and all that and I NEED for you to know that I am not yelling from a mountain top when I am talking about who it is we, you AND I should be. I am whispering from the valley. Together, we can keep walking forward...

"God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede."
— Oswald Chambers

Being human means interacting with other humans. Being an imperfection means sharing that imperfection.

Watching someone fail has become entertainment for most. Our tv and radio is full of examples of the latest imperfect human. You only have to scroll down a moment on facebook or news stories to see, or hear it, in some way or another.

Photographers vie for photos of love child
"Oh my gosh did you see what __________ did saturday?"
Mayor cited for patronizing
"She did ______________ and claims to be a Christian?"
Pop star checks into rehab
"Whatever, spare me, I know who they really are, and they are pathetic. _________ just doesn't see the real ________ yet"
Marriage ends after rumors of infidelity

As an avid faller, and collector of fallen things, I have been searching for what my response as a Jesus Follower should be.

The above quote says it best I think.

"God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede."
— Oswald Chambers

Knowing someone's failures, their dirty little secret, their brokenness, isn't so that we can judge them. It isn't so that we can gossip. It isn't so that we can make snotty and sarcastic little remarks. Pastor Reggie Weems said it best one sunday a few years ago at Heritage. He said "but not for the grace of God would you be the person you are judging" Ouched me then, ouches me daily.

So why then? It is simply and only for two reasons.

1. Prayer. God allowing you to see someone's lacking is His trust in you to uplift and pray for them. OUCH. I am queen guilty of failing at this. I have been at times quite vile in my response to those who I feel wronged or hurt me or someone I love. I am ashamed. I ask God daily to remind me of His grace so I can allow it to permeate to the world around me. I don't wanna be that bitter judgmental person anymore. I want to be His Eyes and His Hands.

2. To help. If you know someone's struggling with...lets say...alcoholism, it is not your place to mock them and their efforts to improve. It's not your responsibility to share their failures with others. Pray for them. Share God's word and hope with them. Remind them of who they were and can be. Don't accept less of them. God never accepts less of you...Without those people in my life I would NOT be here. I don't forget that for one moment!

Any pointing of fingers should be in God's direction with your uplifted hands.

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