Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surprize piggies, busted pipes, and endless meetings

Yes I know how to spell surprise, it just makes me smile to purposefully misspell it.

That aside...

I'm taking a mandatory self prescribed break from spreadsheet hell to write something I enjoy.

The past few days have been trying! We are beginning the inventory process of my mom's house. WOW! I never realized how much stuff was in one room until I had to write down the make, model, type, description and cost of EVERY single item, from appliances to q tips. YIKES! I will most likely have a severe spreadsheet phobia when this is done.

We had a stressful but good meeting with DCS and should be getting more financial help with Jaylin. The state had cut our subsidy this year and with no services appropriate, we are having to create and pay for it privately. I have the most ridiculous expenses being her mother, not to mention the fact that I have a college degree, but am so busy with the chaos that is her life, that work would be impossible. She was a special needs adoption, they are supposed to help, we are finally pressing the issue.

PS, wanna keep a kiddo for a night, or heck even a few hours? She hasn't killed anyone...yet anyway, jokes people, dang, ya'll so serious!

Actually she does well with new, non parent, people so she would likely not be much trouble to you.

The surprize piggies are doing amazing! I love watching them! The white and orange one, which I'm keeping and have named Brillo, is the smartest, it learned to do everything first so far! Yay!

I ended my crap day yesterday with a burst water pipe, amidst my tears though, I got blessed with Mr. Amazing plumber who showed up and fixed everything within an hour! WOW!

I ended my crap day today with a family member in the ER.

I'm super scared about the end of tomorrow, lol.

I'm trying to remember that.

I'm such a worry retard.

I must be so annoying to our good Lord and Savior. I can just imagine Him up there "oh me, there's the worry queen, 1979 addition, stressing about something else she doesn't trust me with".

I'm trying to remember that too.

PS, I think you guys that bother to read me are most kind and I sincerely appreciate it! MUAH!


  1. I wanna see piggie pictures! I bet they're adorable.

    I would happily take your daughter off your hands for a little while, but...

    1. You live too far away
    2. My daughters would get too attached to her and not want to give her back and I seriously don't need another teen girl around here
    3. She's probably gorgeous and I have a 16 year old son who I believe is in between Kleenex girls at the moment (he goes through girls like Kleenex).

    Ask me again though and I might say yes.

    Mary in TX

  2. I'll drive her too you, I'm exhausted, and after three days your girls would want to shoot her. Or well, maybe three weeks, I forget you get the honeymoon, lol I'm just so tired.

  3. oh and piggie pics to come on my next blog, which is a mess because I am.

  4. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you.

  5. Thnk you so very much Lisa! You are very kind!


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