Monday, February 15, 2010

You cannot

Basic necessities, called that for a reason.

I saw this episode of South park once where they were making fun of Sally Struthers. While it was stupid, one thing struck me. During the show, a plane dropped bibles over the dessert. Little starving children ran to the bibles, picked them up, and ate them. They were hungry.

Enough said.

You cannot focus on food for the spirit when you are starving.

You cannot understand the love of a Heavenly father when you have never had the love of a father or mother.

You cannot understand forgiveness when you have never been forgiven.

You cannot understand unconditional love when all you have seen is the greedy kind of love.

Hurt cannot know peace.

Pain cannot know rest.

Loneliness cannot know belonging

Unkindness cannot learn grace.

Think about it. Act on it. Be more.

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