Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Church I Need

I spent years in church never hearing anyone publicly speak about mental health, domestic violence, or child abuse. Because no one talked about those things, I was left feeling like God didn't care about them or the fact that carrying that burden was killing me.

It is my desire to be somewhere that talks about those things AND other issues that those in our community and world struggle with.  

I want to walk in with my patchwork quilt family and not be looked at weirdly (not so much an issue in Charlotte). 

I want to go to a meeting at Safe Alliance and feel confident suggesting my place of worship as a place that would both minister to those we work with, but would also participate in awareness events and outreach to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

I want to know that when depression or anxiety grows bigger than me that there are those who will walk with me and not tell me just to pray more or have more faith. 

I want to be somewhere that those in the LGBTQIA community are not just tolerated but accepted, where they hear that God loves them, not in spite of, but because.

I want to be somewhere that cares about people who are hungry, cold, alone and who do more than pray or hand out Bible's. 

As I list it, it sounds daunting. How could any place pull that off? Then I am reminded, Jesus did. Jesus told us how to. All we have to do is get out there and do it. Why is that so hard?


  1. thanks for being bold enough to share this story jessica cocerns such as mental health domestic violence and child abuse are normally swept under the rag your blog provides the bestessays.com legit since i was looking to do a paper on this subjects

    1. Thank you. I plan to continue to use my voice to raise awareness for those things which continue to be ignored.


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