Friday, June 12, 2020

What do you think when you hear the KKK and other bullshit questions

So, I recently commented on a post by someone raising hell about the confederate statues being removed.

Kevin Walker, who I don’t know, replied with the following (I’ve left his spelling and grammar errors).

Jessica let me ask you one question when they say KKK what do you automatically think it's just a question because it's not intended in any way but I just want to know what is your outlook on the KKK and as far as our Southern generals they were forced and told to do just like all of our American soldiers also there's in general it's not that it's just for the Confederacy it's for all history that you slowly getting taken out of the history books in schools but yet it could have been worse. Never guardless of good or bad in history The Relic shouldn't be taken down we don't take down the Egyptian pyramids we don't take them anything we honor it and cherish it and take care of it that's what we used to do as a nation here lately no Soldier is treated fairly in my opinion and I feel as if they have been fighting for the wrong reasons because this world is not free like everyone says yeah we're free but are we really

This was my response:

Kevin Walker when they say KKK, I think many things...

I think of being beaten for hours by my daddy because I talked to a black boy on the bus and the schoolbus driver thought it so important that he called and told him.

I think of being in high school and the KKK spreading flyers all over our school and the fear and sadness I saw in my friend's eyes. 

I think of my Stephen and how when he was little the KKK got mad because his family moved into the neighborhood and came into his yard to threaten them.

I think of not being allowed to get a perm as a teen because my grandmother thought I wanted “black people hair.”

I think of the many messages I, my family, and friends, have gotten in our inbox by people who say things like “oh you said that because you suck n”@&$ dick” or worse.

I think about my niece who was called so many names and bullied so much for being black as a child that she tried to peel off her skin. 

I think of a simple police encounter turning into many police cars and AK47S pointed at someone I love. The "I’m sorrys" later didn’t matter.

I think of the panic I feel when my step kids are late.

I think of the awfulness that overcomes me when I see another black man murdered who looks and is just like so many in my world.

But mostly Kevin, mostly, above all, I think about you, or people like you, who let any of this be ok. 

Your cries for history leave those I love at risk.

Your anger over flags and heritage instead of another senseless murder make my soul hurt.

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