Monday, February 15, 2010

She had to see her mom...

Since I'm apparently in the mood to share all my fumbling and bumblings, I wanted to tell ya this one too!

A few years ago my children and I attended a foster parent pool party with eighty or so foster children. We work for a level 2 and 3 agency so the children they deal with have experienced major trauma and have a plethora of major issues.

The children and I arrived and I was shocked at how quickly Rachel, my biological child, resorted to acting like a crazy person. Oh my goodness, she starts throwing herself on the ground in front of everyone. People are staring, hell, the other kids are even staring. And here I sit, with my two-parent-middle- class-superdeedooper-loving-family child, totally outshining every other emotionally disturbed child in the area.

A woman who I do not know or care to know at this point approaches me. She looks at me with the most understanding eyes "gosh, it really is so hard on them", she says.

I stand there a minute, thinking, or rather not, as I reply "gosh I know, she had to see her mom today".....

take a minute and let that one sink in.....


  1. Sometimes my biokid, who is neurotypical, but full of teenage hormones, acts moodier and more obnoxious than all the rest of my kids (RAD, bipolar, C-PTSD, ADHD...) combined! She is also apparently genetically programmed to push buttons my biokids could never access.

    That was the perfect answer to the woman at the pool. So true. Wish I'd thought of it!

    Mary in TX

  2. hehe! You have to laugh or you will be nuts!


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