Sunday, February 14, 2010

What I've learned today 02/14/2010

A woman who I don't know at all, who has become my lifeline in this radical world, suffered a very painful loss today, and I am heartbroken for her.

My latest batch of laundry detergent SUCKS. It makes my clothes feel greasy or something so I am rewashing everything with vinegar.

I can find a million explanations other than what the truth actually is.

If you go bowling after 15 years, you back hurts.

Irish spring smells yummy in laundry detergent.

Things are rarely as they seem, and even less important than we imagine.

There is a blog to print thingamajig which I am thinking of using to print some of my stuff, hmmmm wonder how that will work out?

Someone has gone to JCMC twice as me, I got the bill today from a collection agency. I am not happy. I am fairly certain who it is. Will deal with that tomorrow I guess. AHHHH the consequences of meeting sociopaths and degenerates.

My tolerance level goes down sharply when I am tired.

Petting stinky, but beautiful malamutes, makes you smell like a stinky malamute, lol, you don't get the beautiful!

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