Sunday, August 01, 2010

Clipped Wings

You clipped her wings
then tossed aside
hating her because she couldnt fly
You mocked her tries
She fell face first
"I told you so"
is what she heard
You will never fly
She made you dirty
You made her useless
She broke your heart
You stole her mind
Only for a time
For He is there,
He made those wings
Someday she'll fly
Someday she'll be clean
He doesnt care that She cant fly
Her wings grow strong
As He carries her along
Far from way back then
And when she's healed
He'll raise her up
And she will fly again


  1. There's something about the deleted version I found more powerful. They're both good though.

    Sweetie, you are already soaring with the eagles! Where you were broken you are stronger now. Like a child on a bike you think someone is holding you up, but He is actually running beside you, there if you need Him, but letting you fly free.

    You go girl!

    Mary in TX

  2. I think because it was written in entirely more emotion. I thought it seemed to scattered. I have the original copy. Perhaps I will repost it.


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