Friday, October 08, 2010

I'm much too tired to climb a mountain

For those who don't know, the summit of Pikes Peak is at ‎14000 ft elevation. I think Johnson City is around 1600. Major difference! It takes a couple of hours to drive up and back down, mostly because you have to drive so very slow, most times in 1st or 2nd gear. There are stations all along the road to cool off your car, and check your brakes, because brake failure, and overheating are so common. The change in elevation can cause altitude sickness, headache, nausea, dizziness. There are many cars, and many people who simply cannot do it.

Ah but you know, we did it anyway, even fraidy cat me who used to get nauseated looking out the top floor window of Roger Stout when I was a student at ETSU.

There were tight windy curves without guardrails, signs everywhere warning of brake failure, altitude sickness, and not feeding the creatures. In our car there were tired kids, carsick kids, and a very sick Rachel.

BUT, none of those things mattered when we got to the top and stood together the middle of a cloud.

It was such a life lesson to me. We asked them to go, made them go, even though they couldn't fathom the beauty of what was waiting at the top. We talked thru endless questions, nausea complaints, and tears. Over and over again we said things like "I know baby but look over there, see how beautiful it is, just wait till we get to the top!"

As I am navigating the current circumstances in my life, I am afraid. I am overwhelmed. I am not strong, or confident, or brave. I want to freeze in my tracks. I want to read every caution sign and make sure everyone knows how dangerous it is. I see guardrails with skid marks from out of control cars, and I panic that the next one might be me. I, most times, can only see a moment in front of me, yet God keeps urging me forward. "I know it looks scary baby, but just wait, the beauty that's coming is beyond your dreams" I have a plan.

Sometimes we are faced with situations in our life that are scary, uncertain. Sometimes we chose them, sometimes we are chosen for them. We may look around and see warnings and caution, and others who were unable to make it. What I realize now, is that if you will only press forward, have a little faith, beautiful things await you at the top!

And so, I keep moving forward. Uncertain. Unsure. At times even unraveled.

I move forward because He has asked me to, because He can see the top, because He has a plan.

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