Saturday, May 04, 2013

Friends and Stalkers

I am the parent to a child with special needs. She has no concept of relationships really, and her disorders causes a level of narcissism that is not easily topped so in her world, if she says it, it's the truth. 

I say that to preface this...

She came home from school one day very upset. I ask her what's wrong and she replies, "my friend was being mean to me today."

I say, well, "what did she do?"

She says, "she kept telling me to go away, stop following her,  and stop talking to her."


I said, "What's your friend's name?"

She says, "I don't know but I told her friends don't talk to each other like that do they Mom?"

A little confused, I asked, "What was happening while she was being mean to you?"

She says, "Well, we were in the gym and I was sitting by her and she kept telling me to go away, then we went to lunch and I was trying to sit with her and she said to stop it that she didn't want me to sit with her and I kept telling her friends don't say things like that but she just said she's not my friend and to go away. That's not how friends talk to each other is it mom?"

So I say, "Let me get this straight, you saw a girl today, and you decided she was your friend, but you don't know her name, and you kept trying to sit with her, talk to her, and follow her around?"

"Yeah but she told me to stop and was saying mean things at me and friends don't do that right?"

I proceeded with the explanation of what friends were, what stalking was, and how someone had to agree to be your friend, and at a minimum you had to know their name before you could call them a friend.

"Ohhhh," she says....

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