Monday, May 09, 2016

Monsters Aren't Suddenly Sneaking Into Bathrooms

It seems everyone is in a tizzy these days over bathroom safty. Many are telling everyone to chill out, but I have to disagree. We do not need to chill out about bathroom safety, predators, or protecting children. What we absolutely must do is open our eyes to the real danger.

The danger does not lie with the transgender person just trying to use the bathroom...for the most part, sexual abuse isn't happening in a public restroom at all.

Statistics are very clear...It is heterosexual males who are the primary predators; and it isnt happening is some random place...

It is happening in your home.

It is happening at your child's friend's house.

It is happening at school or church in the hands of someone you trust.

The real danger is not an unknown monster trying to sneak into a bathroom...

They are the male neighbor who is always so helpful with your little ones.

They are the teacher who keeps them after school.

They are the favorite uncle.

They are the older cousin who always wants to play hide and seek.

They are family.

They are friends.

They are people you see everyday. People who have earned your trust.

I say that as a victim. I say that as a mama to many victims over the years. Predators exist in your trust and thrive on your ability to be misdirected. 

While you are busy hunting down the transgender person trying to use the restroom you are missing the real monsters hiding in plain sight.

I'm begging you to stop, not just because I call many in the LGBTQ+ community friends; but because I have been the one who's innocence was lost while people were monster hunting.

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