Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jaundiced Baby Contradictions

I was talking to a precious friend just now and said something that I need to repeat. Maybe it will help some of you understand why I am so distressed when my daughter is gone and getting the technical things she needs.

When a baby is born and experiences jaundice, they must be placed under special lights and are not allowed to be held or comforted even by their moms.

Being away from mom is what the baby needs. The mom cannot provide the level of care necessary to help their baby survive.

But in that case, NO one ever suggests the mom abandon their child since they can't meet their needs!!!!! No one tells them that since they can't bring them home they must go into foster care and have the parents rights removed. No one even considers this idea because they know how vital Mama is.

If the provider told the Mom her child needed special lights to live and the only way to get those lights would be abandonment, the mom would walk away much the same as Moses' Mama did.

My child is no different. She requires intensive psychological care that exceeds my abilities. I love her, am committed to her, will fight to the death for her. I also understand that if I chose to go against medical and professional recommendations my child could die, the same way a jaundiced baby could die if removed from the lights.

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