Thursday, December 01, 2016

No God Did Not Elect trump and Other Things We Need to Stop Saying

I'm so utterly sick of hearing how God intervenes when it is consistent with someone's beliefs and supportive of their story. Governmental and religious leaders claiming God elected trump all the way to one home burning down over another.

My heart has been wrecked this week over wildfires in my home state. So many stories of "I prayed and God saved me" or "People prayed and both my neighbors homes burned but mine was saved." Really? And for the neighbors? Was no one praying? Did God not care about their prayers?

While the concept of God intervening may seem great, please consider those neighbors. Think about those who are still missing family, who lost their homes, who have confirmed their families are gone? Did God not care about them or their prayers?

The thing is we all have free choice and that leads to a whole lot of consequences. Rapist tyrants elected presidents all the way to depraved humans burning down thousands of acres of land and killing untold numbers of people. It is awful.

I believe God is there. I believe God is in those who have shown up with supplies, who pray without ceasing, in Veterans who stand in front of water protectors, and in people who refuse to be silent when evil tries to drown out the truth.

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