Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Single Black Female Seeking Long Term Commitment

Gorgeous long-haired female cat with white highlights is seeking a forever family.

Unwilling to share your attention with dogs! Other pets are negotiable as long as you remember I am the Princess. 

Treats must be shown to me and then placed carefully on the ground. I will not eat out of my subjects hands.

Sunny windowsill is a must as I require frequent baths in the suns rays.

I love to snuggle and watch TV especially if it comes with petting.

Contact my current servant, Jessica if you are interested in a lifetime of purring and never allowing my food bowl to get below 1/2.

Jessica was kind enough to offer me a room at the inn to have my babies this winter, but Her daughter stupidly owns my arch enemy, the DOG!

I'm complicated but worth the trouble! Message us soon. Jessica says the dog can't take much more 😞.

Please share so this girl can find a home!

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