Friday, April 02, 2010

My sweet Weezy

Weezy was tiny, he had always been tiny. When he was born, his mama pushed him to the side to die. She ignored him. He got smaller and smaller before I came in. I refused to accept that he was disposable. I wrapped him up in a washcloth, and tucked him into my bra, think what you may, ya'll know I don't have nothing fillin up my bra anyway, hahaha! Never the less, he was tiny and cold, and I carried him around, even to meetings, and no one noticed. He was so small. Every two hours I fed him a dropper full of cat formula. He would hear my footsteps on the stairs and begin crying for me. He knew I would take care of him. By and by, he got bigger, he graduated to regular cat food and the occasional mouse. He was ok.
Today I let him out like any other. He loved to chase my Granny's birds. He never caught any, but he sure tried. He was a cat in a kitten body.
So, I had gone to let Miss Mia Wallce go to school, and came home just in time for lunch. I saw Weezy across the road. I called for him. And here he came, running. But there was a car, driving so fast I can't even tell you what color it was. And my sweet Weezy went flying. I ran to him, I picked him up and the blood poured all over me. I held him so close. I felt his last heartbeats. I stood and stood, and could not move.
My sweet neighbor Walt came to me, he took Weezy from me. He carried him to the backyard and buried him. I only remember crying that because my foot was broke, I could not bury him. It hurts me so much. I have animals coming and going like crazy, that is ok with me. But Weezy, he was different.

The Cat Care Book


  1. Oh Jessi,

    I've had pets die, but never violently right in front of me. My deepest condolences. Sending you hugs and prayers!

    Mary in TX

  2. Thank you Mary, I am incredibly sad about it right now. Just a whole lot of things going wrong at one time. Your prayers are so very needed.


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