Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I've learned today 4-16-2009

Now now...what an adventurous week...I've definitely learned more than I ever wanted, but one cannot be choosy when learning...all things, even those which you find most painful...will only help you become the person God wishes you to be.

Lets start with silliness shall we?

A mattress can only handle six months of pee before essentially dissentegrating.

You can buy piss proof cots for your little pisser at on Amazon. Amazon by the way, I must tell you, has been such a godsend to me in the past few months!

My wide eyes kitten is either profoundly retarded or very interested in my bathroom, come pee and see, lol. Eyes Wide Open

Painting a mildewed door takes four days, to do one side.

But wow it looks awesome!

On one side anyway.

Rocky's pizza is full of teeny boppers who are more interested in their multicolored hair than what I want for dinner and I will NEVER EVER EVER GO BACK!

Electrocution feels amazing on broken ankles.

My true friends are far too far away from me.

Being incapicitated by a broken foot will add fifteen pounds to your hiney in less than a month.

My sweetness doesn't care and that makes my heart smile!

Going to Physical therapy with a bunch of 20 year old super thin, super muscular people makes mama very subconscious.

Buc Sports, at East Tennessee State University, did an amazing job of making me not feel so awkward, even when I was trying to turn my foot this particular way which made my bone pop out and say damn in front of old ladies, lol....

ok gosh it wasn't was worse...

but seriously the pain warrented my yelp....

...'s continue to be my favorite.


  1. I can't see the picture of the kitty!

    Have you said how you broke your foot? I probably just missed it or forgot.

    So sorry you are in pain!

    Hugs and prayers,
    Mary in TX

  2. I was digging a hole, I will have to repost the picture, I'm sorry for the mix up.

  3. I think it works now Mary, isn't she a cutie!!!!


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