Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Be the Difference

There have been times in my life that for one reason or another I have lost my faith, my way, and myself. I have had the blessing to be surrounded by people who loved me through those times; who encouraged me and reminded me over and over again of who God said I was. During those times I also had people that pointed out my faults, my failures, and every reason I was hopeless and unlovable.

It was not in condemnation that I got better. I got better because regardless of what I did, there were some really amazing people who said,“You are loved.” They didn’t list my sins; they had a full understanding that Satan did that on a daily basis. He had me so broken at that point that broken and hurting became normal. It scares me to think he almost won. However, my heroes were relentless in their reminders of who it was God said I was. Their actions refuted every false belief I held and every ounce of hopelessness I felt.

I didn’t flee my sin, I ran home to my Daddy who welcomed me with open arms. I’m sharing this in the hope that the next time you feel like pointing a finger or judging that you open your arms and share your love and heart instead. Through you, they can see Him or him…through you they can make it home or be lost forever…BE THE DIFFERENCE!

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