Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's Just a Flag and Other Lies We Believe

The Nazi symbol was never made to symbolize the death of millions of Jews...but when seen it is what it brings to mind. Thousands of Germans died fighting for their cause, but it did not make their cause right, though I am sure their families grieved their loss heavily.                                                               

I will post here what I posted somewhere else earlier. I actually am quite familiar with what the confederate flag actually was, but I am glad you posted it because I think a lot of people get all excited and don’t know why and for those who wish to support what the flag represents, this is a great informational piece. While the rectangular version of the battle flag that is most well known and frequently hung was not the officially adopted confederate flag, the battle flag WAS very much part of the confederate flag as the website you got the above information from stated.

Though to be quite honest, that point is mute in my opinion... I don't really think it matters whether it was a battle flag or the adopted confederate flag,

I've pretty much left the confederate flag issue alone that erupted after the murder of nine precious people in Charleston, SC by a racist and hateful human being alone because I have my hands full with too much other stuff, but my stepdaughter shared something earlier and it did two things; one, it pointed out to me how very much people in my own home were being hurt by post like this one and the flag being flown and two, I think it is a really telling photo that is worthy of discussion.

I have distant relatives who were confederate soldiers and while I understand the need some people may have to honor those people (I don't), there is also a big difference in honor and celebration. There is also a difference in a private person choosing to honor what they believe were the admirable actions of their ancestors (again, I don't) and the state or government choosing to display a symbol that is the cause of such heartache for so many.

No, it won't change ignorance or racist attitudes and I agree that it is a matter of the heart, but to semi quote Jon Stewart there has got to be something incredibly hurtful and demoralizing to drive on roads named after generals who fought to keep you from driving or walking into a courthouse expecting justice with the flag representative of the battle to keep you from having rights flying above it. It’s just not ok.

As Christians we are called to love others. We are called to make their burden less. I can't find anywhere that it says if its convenient or if it makes sense to you or if the burden you are easing is a burden to you simply says...bear one another's burdens.

I’ve seen some friends posting about how they are not racist and they are right, everyone isn't a racist, and everyone may not be offended, but many are hurt and offended. I know my Stephen is, I know his children are, I know many of my black friends and family find that symbol hurtful the same way Jewish people find the Nazi symbol hurtful.

I’ve also had many friends saying all of this is merely political and please know that I do understand that there are people grandstanding and using an act by a racist man to promote their own agendas, but I also think it is an excellent opportunity for the Christian community to show up and use what Satan meant for evil for good...

It is an opportunity for healing and to show those behind the loudness of politics that may be being used by political leaders that we love and care about them enough to stop doing something or displaying something we know is a symbol of great hurt and pain much the same as we as Christians would fight like hell if the White House decided to fly a Nazi flag because of what it symbolizes to our Jewish brothers and sisters. I'm not Jewish, technically its not even any of my business, and the Jewish people are frequently used for political purposes, but the Christian community is quick to defend and support them. Why is it so hard to do for our black brothers and sisters?

Those within the black community are hurting and they have been hurting for a very long time. We can't change history but we can do the very simple thing that they have been asking for since the civil war ended.

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