Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why I Hate Same Sex Marriage Protests

Wanna know why I hate protests against gay marriage? Aside from ridiculous reason that it should not be a reason to discriminate or hate anyone? Aside from the fact that most people who protest quote Leviticus 18:22 but care nothing about Leviticus 11:12 that says eating shellfish is also an abomination...but I digress...

Even if I agreed that same sex marriage was wrong (which I don't), the world is bigger than same sex marriage.

In 20 years of church attendance...guess how many times I have heard molestation mentioned?


Guess how many times I have heard child abuse mentioned?


And my girls, they are so sick from both they can never really let me love them.

They are so broken, Jesus and healing are a dream never dreamed about.

But nobody marches for them.

No one protests.

And no one makes signs about this one time your dad gave you herpes.

And I hate them.

I hate them for ignoring victims and protesting consenting adults.

My girls never consented and I am so sorry.

The church should be ashamed.

Jesus never said this was ok, and He is flipping tables at their gay marriage protest, because His children are dying.

And to my girls, to every victim of child abuse, sexual abuse, or rape I need to say...

I am so sorry, I am so deeply sorry because Sunday after Sunday I used to sit and hope someone would say something, anything to please tell your story....but it never came...because the gays are getting married and no one gives a damn that your face hurts from your latest breakout or that you have once again pushed your mother away because being alone is better than hoping God would protect you. I'm sorry you can't let your boyfriend hold you or stand the smell of ivory soap because it reminds you of your dad...

I'm sorry. I'm so very deeply sorry.

I won't be back. Not anytime soon, not until I find a place that sees past the same sex couple to the child suffering mental illness after years of physical and sexual abuse. I won't, my heart can't take being ignored anymore, but I am not the only mother of a broken child, and I pray you pause and see them, because they are being lost forever and it won't be long before they leave too. 

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