Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Everyone is Talking, Who is Listening?

In the past few days, my news feed has been full of one group or another raising cain about one injustice or another, from racisim, sexism, xenophobia, LGTQIA+ rights, to abortion, it seems everyone has something to say. What perplexes me though is the complete lack of recognition of one group for another groups plight. Or perhaps worse, one groups demand someone else get over it or quit whining. I am simply embarrassed at humanity. What is interesting is that the theme in every single one of these cases is the respect for human life, whether that life is not yet born, chooses a different path, or looks differently than I do. Until all of us come together and understand that it is not a fight against racism, or abortion, or homophobia, but a fight to understand that each and every one of us deserves love and respect simply because we are human beings, it will never be any different. Just because it isn't your cause, doesn't mean it isn't important. Just because it isn't your heart, doesn't mean it doesn't have the potential to be life saving to someone else or humanity as a whole.

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